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A Legacy of Care

For as long as owners and brothers, Rowan and Nolan Parmenter can remember, they have been around the real estate industry and understand the ins and outs that go into caring for these beautiful spaces. Their father’s home building business opened their eyes to the need for high-quality, reliable home maintenance services in the Chelan area. 

This team’s goal is to make your home feel a little bit more relaxing – both for you and your guests. Whether your home is frequently occupied or it sits vacant for weeks on end, Parmenter Home Services will care for your home as if it was their own.

At Parmenter Home Service, we aim to provide top quality services for all your home needs. From caretaking to lawn care we’re here to make your home a little bit more relaxing.

– The Parmenter Team


Nolan Parmenter

Rowan Parmenter



We place a large emphasis on delivery reliable services our customers can trust.


Every project we do - no matter how big or how small - get's done with a great deal of respect, expertise, and technique.


We provide honest, authentic, and clear communication, always.

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